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An apicoectomy may be needed when an infection develops or persists after root canal treatment,or retreatment. During root canal treatment, the canals are cleaned, and inflamed or infected tissue is removed. Root canals are very complex, with many small branches off the main canal. Sometimes, even after root canal treatment, infected debris can remain in these branches and possibly prevent healing or cause re-infection later. In an apicoectomy, the root tip, or apex, is removed along with the infected tissue. A filling is then placed to seal the end of the root.

An apicoectomy is sometimes called endodontic microsurgery because the procedure is done under an operating microscope.


It is a procedure wherein the dentist remove the tooth by separating and opening the gums, sometimes there is the necessity to remove bone around the tooth. This is specially common to the third molar teeth due to the fact that most of the third molars are impacted(embedded under the jaw line). Odontectomy is the extraction of an embedded tooth and consists in the removal of the bone surrounding the tooth before applying the necessary force for the extraction.

Basically, odontectomy represents the surgical extraction of the tooth which is totally or partially included in the bone. After the odontectomy, the suture and the removal of the sutures after 7 days are necessary in case they are non-absorbant.

The recommendations after this type of extraction are the same as in the case of a normal extraction.

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