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Transcranial X- Ray

Transcranial X- Ray are used to inspect the position of the jaw bone in relation to the skull. If the jaw bone is out of alignment with the skull then pain sets in. Normally these x-rays are used to pinpoint the space between the top of the jaw bone (condyle) and underside of the skull bone (glenoid fossa) where the fibrocartilage disc is located. This protective disc (pseudo-ligament) cushions the head of the condyle like a shock absorber and protects the skull and brain tissue from unnecessary pounding of the jaw. If the spacing between the head of the condyle and the skull bone is less than 3 mm, this is indication that the protective disc is either thinning down or dislocated. Most migraine patients have less than 1 mm. of space! These same patients present with no clinical symptoms of any joint problems…only the x-rays can pick up the disturbance.

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